Guidance from the experts through out your overseas education admission process emotionally and strategically to retain your motivation, focus and overcome the academic, social and emotional challenges came across.

Professional support from the point of researching and shortlisting the universities that is suitable for your profile and developing the application following the requirements of the specific university to boost your admission chances.

VISA processing involves everything from providing the list of required documents, assistance in filling the forms, document submission to interview preparation to make you to attend the interview with confidence.

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We at Truman education consultancy follows strategic approach to leverage the profile strength and boost the admission to support the students who wish to study in a foreign country. These services includes guidance in every aspect throughout the application process, from choosing a university or college to successful VISA grant

Needs to be focused on the points that makes you stand out from the competition
Such as Limited Resource Intake .

Get into top universities and colleges worldwide into the programs you are passionate that have enough accreditation to support you to achieve your academic and career aspirations.

Universities and Programs

We at Truman help you to research thoroughly from countries, universities programs, visa requirements to financial aid opportunities to shortlist the options that fits your candidacy with high acceptance rate.

Consult with educational counsellors

Consult with educational counsellors or study abroad advisors, to get ready ensure a successful transition. Additionally, consider cultural immersion programs to maximise your experience and make your initial days of abroad education journey more easier.


We value your career aspirations

You will be greatly benefitted from our counselling sessions in deciding on the academic path that best fits your career goals.
Read instructions carefully. Skim test before answering. Answer easy questions first. Manage time. Review answers before submitting.
A university course is an academic program of study offered by a higher education institution to teach specific subjects or skills.
Select the appropriate intake, apply promptly and wisely to the programmes and colleges where you will thrive, and you'll soon be receiving admissions offers.
Abroad university scholarships are financial aids offered to international students to support their studies in universities outside their home country.
Visa processing involves submitting an application, providing required documents, paying fees, and undergoing an interview or biometric collection.

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United Kingdom

Studying in the UK offers world-class education, a multicultural environment, and prestigious universities. The UK is also home to historic landmarks, diverse cities, and vibrant cultural experiences.


Australia offers high-quality education, a diverse and welcoming culture, and excellent job opportunities for graduates. It has a strong economy, world-class universities, and a safe and healthy environment.


Canada offers high-quality education, diverse and welcoming communities, excellent post-graduation job prospects, and a safe, multicultural environment. It also has affordable tuition fees and world-class universities.

United States

Studying in the USA offers world-renowned universities, diverse academic programs, research opportunities, career prospects, and cultural experiences. It's an opportunity to gain a quality education and develop global perspectives.


Ireland offers world-class education, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and welcoming people. With top universities, a high standard of living, and post-study work options, it's a great destination for international students.

New Zealand

Study in New Zealand to experience a high-quality education system, stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and a friendly and welcoming society. Gain a globally recognized qualification while exploring one of the world's most beautiful countries.


Germany offers top-quality education with no tuition fees in many universities. There are numerous programs taught in English, and students can also work part-time while studying.


Malta offers a diverse and affordable study destination with English as the main language. The island's Mediterranean climate, rich history and vibrant culture make it a great location for international students.

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